Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Hype List: TWGOK

Well seeing as I decided I didn't want to review any anime currently airing (I don't want to start half-way in), I going to present to all my fans (where did they all come from?) all the stuff that's coming out next season. Therefore until new stuff comes out I will be releasing a series of posts called the Hype List. This is Chartfag's ( check him out) image list and will be used as our textbook so to speak.

TWGOK (The World God Only Knows)


TWGOK is about god, well not really. Keima Katsuragi likes video games. He especially likes galge games (anime dating simulators). He likes then so much he plays them non-stop, to the point where he can predict the games themselves. Due to his amazing ability (well perhaps not that amazing) he claims to be a capturing god and can capture any girl on any game.

He's only this cool 10% of time
 Now someone in hell found out about his ability to capture any girl and seeks to obtain his services. Unfortunately that someone is a little clueless and didn't realize he only works in the video game world. Meet Elsea de Lute Irma or Elsee.

Meet her!
(Actual competence shown)
 Now why does a citizen of hell need to capture girls? They have bad spirits inside them of course! (what were you thinking?) And how does one get the bad things out of the good girls? LOVE duh Now Keima must help Elsee capture evil bad spirits by making the girls they hide in fall in love with him. (that's how the ghostbusters did it... right?) This is the world god only knows and it's sure full of headaches.

I wonder if he cracked his psp?
Now let's look at the meta for this anime. First the manga. Good manga. It's written by Wakaki Tamiki who hasn't done much else worth mention, but the manga is up to 112 chapters and is still going strong. It's serialized in Weekly Sh┼Źnen Sunday, along side Hayate the combat butler and Case Closed. I personally love the manga and have been following it since 2008.
Now the studio, Manglobe. Let's see some of what manglobe has made...Samurai Champloo, Ergo Proxy, The Sacred Blacksmith, and House of Five Leaves. All very good animations. I've always liked what this studio has put out and hope they keep the standard just as high when making this.

So will I be watching The World God Only Knows? Yes.
Should you be watching it? I recommend it.


  1. god! i love the anime art style! not necesarily actual anime but the art

  2. Hope the show turns out to be as good as the manga was.

  3. You sure know how to write an interesting blog

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  5. love the comics, keep them coming

  6. haha the story's plot sounds like a h-game or something but very cool, im going to write this one down and check it out!

  7. It's been a manga for so long, the trailer makes the anime look like it's gonna be just as awesome.

  8. showin my support, come do the same and learn some SC2 tips!

  9. An anime blog huh? Awesome. Supporting! Check mine out sometime.

  10. Hope the show turns out as good as expected.

  11. The World God Only Knows looks cool. I'm greatly looking forward to the second season of Index. and will definitely be checking out Panty and Stocking.