Monday, October 3, 2011

We Are Back


GirlyCartoons is back, we suspect that we’ll be headstrong with posts since we mastered the art of technology. We were having trouble but we followed everything the experts had to say.

And somehow it magically worked.

So, GirlyCartoons is back up and running and we are now in, Fabulous Fall.

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Announcement

Yet again, we have technical difficulties within GirlyCartoons and these same technical difficulties have killed Stephen and paralyzed me. For some reason, technology just hates us.

So here's a puppy, for an apology present. 

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Witch Hunter: First Thoughts

The Witches declared war on humans, and we happen to be really unprepared. Two-thirds fell to their rule. So, the surviving countries formed the organization of Witch Hunters.

After some time, people started to notice their weaknesses the witches only have a limited amout of magic. And this magic is in their hat.

Like this but more evil.
The Witches Hat contains the mana (magic power) necessary to use magic, and if this power runs out. Their original personality returns. So those who were possessed this power will return back to normal.

Witch Hunter follows Tasha Godspell, a Witch Hunter whose nickname is "The Magic Marksman", and his Supporter, Halloween, a jack-o-lantern with an attitude and he also wields two swords named Yin and Yang, on his journey to find his master and father's killer.

It is good so far, but each chapter is long with a good amount of writing. I'll update this, as soon as I finish.

  • Author/Artist: Cho Jung-man
  • Genre: Action; Adventure; Comedy; Fantasy; Shounen; Supernatural
  • Original Run: 2006-Present
  • 11 Volumes/ 58 Chapters
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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Watashi No Messiah-Sama

A book and a letter changed his entire life.

The Frail Anti-Social Sakaki becomes a great invincible Messiah once he gets a love letter from Haruna. Haruna, a girl from Celesita who Sakaki has never heard of, tells him in her letter to meet her on the school roof. She gives him a The Guide To Salvation, that'll help save a world torn by evil, Celestia.

The pacing is slow and wording is strong it cuts on part of the Action but, it shows how well the characters develop throughout it. The Art is probably not the best but it is good nevertheless. The Antagonists are the Emperor and his henchman, that help them achieve his ultimate goal, Destory Celestia.

The wording can be strong at time and cuts on part of the action but its wording shows how well the characters develop throughout the story.

The Antagonists is the Emperor and his team: The Shield of the Emperor; The Sword of the Emperor; The Wings of the Emperor; and the Thunder of the Emperor. Likewise, the Messiah also has his own team: The Shield of the Messiah; The Sword of the Messiah; The Wings of the Messiah; and the Thunder of the Messiah. These are all the characters, not including Earth Government and the comic relief.

Pictured= The Evil Princess of Ruin
All in all, it is a good read but it is short and it lacks Action because of its strong writing. Also it has monsters in it, monsters are cool.
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Harem, Shounen, Supernatural,
  • Volumes: 13 / Chapters: 34
  • Mangaka: Minazuki Suu
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Friday, July 29, 2011

It can never be helped

Hey guys. Sorry for being a little late with everything, I had my hard drive crash on me and lost everything. That said, I'm very behind on the entire season and while I'm trying to catch up as fast as I can, I'm not going to be able to say I'm up to date for another week or so. So my sincerest apologies for being late this season after all the promises, but as it goes... It can't be helped.

I'll still try to get a few posts up all next week to talk about the shows as I catch up to try and make up for it, but please have patience.

Friday, July 15, 2011

TWGOK; Minerva Confirmed

Hey guys just a short update on the series,

Synopsis: The World God Only Knows is a world Keima “The Capturing God” only knows. He is an alliance of hell, that had appeared to him in the form of Elsie. Keima had agreed to a contract, although unwillingly, to capture the Weiss, runaway spirits. To capture these, Keima pushed them out by filling the gap with love and since the hosts lose these memories of him, only Keima “The Capturing God” only knows of such a world.

Five of the seven goddesses were revealed in recent chapters. But in chapter 150 of The World God Only Knows, appears a new goddess. She is unique and maybe the most powerful. She has grown wings and as well as appear separate from the host, as in no mirrors or take over the body appear.

  • Mangaka: Wakaki Tamaki
  • Arc/Chapter Discussion
  • Currently: 149 Chapters

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer 2011, Episode 1: Pilots

Welcome to GirlySummer. I hope your ready for all the hot new show of the season. I know I've been having fun watching the pilots of EVERY ANIME THIS SUMMER. But since most of you guy don't have the time to do all that stuff, I'll let you know my first impressions of all the stuff I watched. (there are a few I haven't gotten to at this time but I'll update this page when I do get to them)

(You can check out the list of anime as well as brief descriptions and release dates here:

Double J:
A short flash anime about girls in a oddball club called the traditional arts club. It's short (as in 5 minutes max) but funny. I'll probally keep watching it since it's quick entertainment similar to Haiyore! Nyaruko-San.

No. 6:
I'm not gonna lie, this anime is a little gay. Well, alot of gay actually. The first episode has the two main male leads lying bed holding hands. This isn't even subtle homo stuff, this is straight yaoi fan service. But because Bones is the studio I'm gonna stick it out a few more episode in hope that this doesn't turn into boku no pico.

Usagi Drop:
This anime right here. This one. You should watch it. It's cute, (the good kind, not the k-on kind) funny and has the most potential to be great out of all the shows I've seen. You can expect a well written drama/comedy/hhhhnnngggg anime with this one. More than likely I'm going to be putting a lot more focus on this anime out of all the animes this season.

Morita-san wa Mukuchi:
The second short 5 minute anime this season. The difference is this one is actually animated and not done in flash (yes I know flash in animation too). Since the episode was short I don't really have a feel for the show yet. For the same reason as Double J I'm going to end up watching it.

Kamisama Dolls:
This anime got my attention. It's one of the few animes this season with any action in it and while it's not as action packed as Sacred Seven, I think it will have a much better story/character devolpment (but not as much a Blood-C). It also has some drama elements to it so there's that. This might be your fix if you like action-y anime that has more than mindless violence.

Yuri Yuri:
Did you watch k-on/lucky star? Then you know what this is about, cute girls doing cute things. Don't expect it to be as good as k-on/lucky star though, it's just one of the many generic moe anime that get shelled out each season. So if your into that its great, but if your not then don't bother.

This is the bettter moe anime this season. The pilot impressed me enough to say I'm probably going to keep watching it to the end. It's got a lot more to work with than the other more generic series this season so it might be worth checking out even if your not into that stuff. plus it has main character that's a male (and not a trap/girly boy)

This is a Clamp anime, and all the Clamp stereotypes are there (not that it's a bad thing). You got LONG character models with happy go lucky girls and action scenes. This one with more violent action that any other Clamp anime I've seen (the main girl was almost choked to death). I'm going to end up putting a little more focus on this anime as well since I think it will be one the better anime this season.

Mayo Chiki!:
So here's what I think happened for this anime, Some guys who make anime got together and were like "you know whats popular? Traps! Go get me a light novel that has a trap in it and well try to bank on that." So yeah, its a anime with a trap, but that's about all it has going for it. If you like traps you'll like this, otherwise don't bother.

The pedo anime of the season. Only this time it tries to lampshade it by making the MC all angsty when his club gets cancelled because the president was a pedo. Yeah that makes everything better. But at least the characters are interesting... I wanted Milky Homes not this...

Ikoku Meiro no Croisée:
Culture shock the anime. Some little Japanese girl ends up in Paris in a metal craft shop, but the owner of the store doesn't know about GLORIOUS NIPPON. It's pretty funny when you assume that the old guy who brought the girl to france is a raging narutard. Other than that is pretty slow, and pretentious.

Baka-Test season 2:
It's Baka to Test to summonbeingu. Again. I like the first season. I'll watch the second. I'm not sure what you want from me.

Sacred Seven:
MICHAEL BAY BOOM! That's pretty much what happened.

Mawaru Penguindrum:
WHAT IS THIS I DON"T EVEN. This anime has it all! Magic Penguins, death, silly hats, incest, drama, action, suspense, comedy. This show might sound like a clusterfuck but it's pretty cool to me. I would put in in the top three pilots this season.

Kami-sama no Memo-chou:
44 minute pilot episode that had some NEET stuff. It has a NEET little gimmick where everyone is a NEET, and the whole thing revolves around a NEET detective and they do NEET detective work to save all the little children. It's pretty NEET.

That's the new season. If somethings not there then expect to show up latter when I watch the pilot. If you want to me to talk about one of the anime more than another then let me know. Next week I'll have a theme song review as well letting you know what anime I dropped for being unbearable.

TWGOK; The End of the Shiori Arc

Keima Katsurugi stars in his own show, whether he wants it or not. Hell went to him in the form of Elsea de lute Irma (Elsie) although 300 years old she acts like a six year old.

300 year old demon... BEWARE!!!
He captures girls with love but wait its better than it sounds. He uses love to get ghosts and goddesses inside the girls and after he gets them to fall in love they forget the whole thing except for goddesses.

There are six Goddesses out of the Jupiter Sisters that have been confirmed.

The Goddess and their respective host serve as foils for each other. Each Goddess has their own power, although not confirmed on what powers they have. Each Goddess grows stronger with love, unlike Weiss who get kicked out of their host because of it, when they get stronger and have more power they grow wings. Which Mars, Tsukiyo, Diana, and Minerva have.

The Goddess and their respective host serve as foils for each other meaning their personalities are totally different. Each Goddess has their own unique power, although not all of them have been confirmed. Each Goddess grows stronger with love (unlike the Weiss…

… who get kicked out of their host because of it) when they get stronger and have more power they grow wings. Which Mars, Tsukiyo and Diana each have.

With the Shiori Arc over, Keima is still not at ease. They have to destroy Vintage as well as find out about it. Kanon is still recovering slowly but surely, while Elsie is taking her place and Haqua taking Elsie’s place. There is also the fact that there is only one goddess left to find.

  • Mangaka: Wakaki Tamaki
  • Arc/Chapter Discussion
  • Currently: 149 Chapters
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Saturday, July 2, 2011

The scedule we said we were gonna post but forgot about.

We update every week on Friday and the first of the month on Sunday with exceptions for special content.
Stephen's Schedule Content
Episode Reviews: Reports on the highlights of the week of the shows I'll keep track of.
Seasonal (new anime is a seasonal thing so expect at least one of these every season):
Hype Lists: I'll introduce the anime of the season.
Theme Song Review: I talk about and rate my favorite theme songs of the season.
Snow Drgn's Schedule Content
Manga Review: I’ll review a manga.
Chapter Review: I’ll discuss some of the manga I am following.

Both Schedule Content
No guaranteed schedule but they'll happen every now and then:

Specials: Little tidbits of fun stuff from both of the authors.
Requests: If you want anything. We'll maybe do it

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Spice and Wolf

[Pictured] Horo, Nana

Its about the merchant Craft Lawrence and the reincarnated Harvest Goddess Fox, Horo. She has protected the wheat for centuries but the townspeople no acknowledge Horo for they do not believe in such Fairy Tales. They give her menial sacrifices and have a festival in her honor but other than that Horo is lonely. She decides to go to the north, to her home. Craft Lawerence is traveling nearby when Horo uses her power (of traveling to the nearest wheat source) to go there and make a contract with Lawrence to travel up north. He comes to own a contract with the Milone Company and is soon quickly sought after (to be destroyed and Horo captured) by the Medio Company and the Church. If Horo is captured he’ll be burned at the stake for dealing with demons.

I know that it has not reach the end but I want to read more.
En Route To Journey (Spice and Wolf Opening Season 1)
  • Artist: Koume Keito/Author: Hasekure Isuna
  • Genre: Adventure; Fantasy; Romance; Slice of Life/Demographic: Seinen
  • Volumes: 6/Original Run: November 2007 - ongoin
Extra Comments
We have a new logo!!!

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GirlySummer; It's better than going to the beach


GirlySummer is here! (not really, it coming at the start of July) Isn't that Fabulous! We'll have new content and if you ask about Stephen... Well...

Don't ask questions.

Also, here are some of the mangas and animes we'll be talking about.
Fairy Tail

Hayate The Combat Butler
Shakugan No Shana
Code Geass
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

TWGOK; The Third Way to Approach a Romantic Encounter

Season 2 Opening (English)

TWGOK (The World God Only Knows) is about the God of Galge Video Games, Keima Katsuragi. Keima is an otaku nicknamed otamegane by friends and The Capturing God by the video game community. Elsea needs to capture Weiss, a runaway spirit from old hell, and she sees his nickname and sends a letter through his famous pfp. He misinterprets the letter as a challenge and when Elsea tells him the truth, he is reluctant to accept. But he can’t say no, for if he does his head will come off.

Each Conquest is composed of Keima finding a girl with a Weiss and making her fall in love (with a kiss). After each conquest these girls forget all that they had to do with Keima. But those who remember are called Goddesses who are powered by love. The Goddesses (Jupiter Sisters) were thought to have been gone during the battle of old hell. Where they sealed all the Weiss but the Weiss had got out which meant they did too. Vintage exploits this, they want old hell back and they want to destroy the Goddesses as they have the power to seal it back up. They’re seven goddesses but only four have been discovered.

Shiori, is a shy librarian who is working on a draft of a book. Keima got closer to her by reading the drafts of the books and adding some parts and consequently making a promise that he’ll read the next ones. But, he forgot in the Yui Arc and well… Shiori saw Keima up to his weird antics. She does love him but she thinks of him as something strange.
he has... SHARP TEETH!!!
She describe’s Keima as a “Thing” that is… well... How else can I say it?

Well, as I said he hasn’t kept his promise.  She thinks about him as the thing that saved her while being confined in a library and during that she remembers her kiss… her first kiss… She then sees a child in the library who is reading a book, is this her Goddess? She runs off to search for the girl but doesn’t find her. So she goes and looks for Keima, who says hey next to her at a  desk. How will he explain his mistake?

Extra Comments
GirlySummer is getting closer and closer by the minute. Stephen will introduce the new schedule and content we’ll be posting. Your reaction to GirlySummer? Well, it’s described perfectly in this picture (from Hayate the Combat Butler).
In relation to talking about TWGOK, I'll also be talking about Hayate the Combat Butler.
  • Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen
  • Mangaka: Wakaki Tamiki
  • Currently: 144 Chapters
  • Chapter/Arc Review

Add your thoughts below.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

TWGOK; Yui Arc

Sorry, that I haven’t been posting weekly reviews about TWGOK. But, in my absence a new arc has arised.

To sum it up The World God Only Knows or TWGOK is about the Capturing God, Keima Katsurgi. He was recruited with Elsie to capture ghosts who hide in girls hearts and the only way, they thought, to get rid of them is by love. They quickly rise to the top with Keima leading clumsy Elsie. My previous post about TWGOK was about the seven goddesses and the evil organization, Vintage and how Diana was mad about her sister Vulcan being more powerful then she is. Then she suddenly got her wings and became more powerful than her. (My previous post explains much more in detail.)

Keima, in the new arc, is not rushed but is now more cautious because Vintage is still lurking. He looks for a new potential goddess and soon finds one.

She is unusually forward and is a tomboy who likes Keima but liking Keima is weird (he is otaku plus a megane) so he investigates. The tomboy is named Yui and we find out that Yui doesn’t even know the existence of Goddesses.

But as I said, she is unusally forward. So Keima decides to take a different approach.
...He's to good
Yes, Keima decides the he’ll dress up as a girl to earn more attention from Yui. As I said Yui knows nothing of the Goddesses. At least for a little while. She goes on a date with Keima at a Carnival.

And she meets Goddess Mars, “A warrior who punishes evil”. Mars is the fourth Goddess revealed following Vulcan, Apollo and Diana. She is shown that she has never been in love because she is always on the frontlines of the battlefield. She is shown that she has the same power as Tenri/Diana that she can switch back-and-forth but nothing else has been revealed as of yet.

Can Goddess Mars be more powerful than the other goddesses?

Extra Comments
It seems that Stephen’s prediction of TWGOK becoming a good anime is correct. It is currently leading into its second season of its anime and the manga is doing great.

Also, Girly Cartoons have announced that we are doing more updates to the site. Like fixing it up with a new color scheme and re-adding our music player. But more mainly more posts. Here is a more detailed version of it.

Add your thoughts below…

  • Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen
  • Currently: 144 Chapters
  • Arc/Chapter Review
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Feedback Time

Sup guys.
How's your spring been? (but it's summer not spring!) Not in the anime world! Summer doesn't start till the first show of summer season starts (which is the end of june).  So while we wait for summer to start, let's have a chat about what you people want to see.

I'm constantly trying to brainstorm new idea's for what to do to make you people love me. However, it's very easy to come up with ideas and hard to actually execute them all. So I'm letting the people decide what they want to see from me.

(Please note that some of these I do already but what feedback on)

Hype Lists: I let you know what stuff I'm excited for in the future
Episode Reviews: I follow a anime throughout a season and talk about it every new episode
Theme Song Review: I talk about and rate my favorite theme songs of the season
Older Anime Review: For the stuff that's not currently airing
State of the Industry: I'll let you guys know if anything happens in Japan that effects the anime Industry
Crossovers with Manly Manga: The two departments discuss a work together

I also would love to hear ideas from you guys so please comment for me so I can see what you want.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rozen Maiden

“The dolls were an attitude. If nothing else they were a great attitude.”
J. Thunders
To be honest I really didn’t like Rozen Maiden until some action started. I was bored until I finally learned why the doll was even there. Well anyway the main character to our story, Shinku, is a Rozen Maiden and a doll with an attitude.
Yep, this is totally a doll.
The plot was definitely slow taking as long as forty chapters to introduce the seven Rozen Maidens. A Rozen Maiden is a doll made by Father Rozen, who is never seen, they participate in what is known as The Alice Game. In which are these seven dolls that try to kill each other to become the perfect girl. They don’t have energy to do this so they make a contract with a human for help. Jun Sakurada is a traumatized boy who becomes... traumatized when girls say he was good at designing clothes but the boys in his class make fun of him. He buys Shinku through an online shopping site (is it eBay?) and she instantly appears in seconds.
This is where your dog went on "vacation".
While the action takes some time to start up, the art starts to drag you in. This author is even known for this type of art.
Living dolls ready to kill... Yay!
As I said they take a long time to introduce the characters, so what do they use to attract even more interest? Comedy! This whole entire manga practically reeks of this and I’m not even kidding.

As I said before, Jun is a boy whose been traumatized because he made a design for someone. The design was brilliant, most girls praised him. But of course, he didn’t hear this and started to become nervous and then he threw up. So from that day on, he stayed in his room for day in and day out.
NOT Comedy Central
Although Rozen Maiden is not finished it still is good. It targeted at a younger audience but I believe it attracts much more than that. Its art style is good for its genre (and in general) and comedy is also good but the plot takes way too long to set up.

  • It started in 2008 and is still going on.
  • The author is Peach-Pit and published in English by Tokyopop
  • “Monthly Review”
  • Genres: Comedy; Supernatural; Drama
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Monday, May 2, 2011

Why hello there

Alot of people have been wondering whether or not I still existed these past few couple of months. Well I offer this explanation.

Over 9000 hours in MS paint
But irregardless of bad science projects, it's been a while guys. I promise I haven't forgotten this place. I've got a bunch of half finished drafts of stuff I wanted to post. The last two seasons have been a big game of catch up for me. Every time I thought I was up to date and started writing I would fall behind again from college or something almost instantly.

If that wasn't enough, the entire manly manga division has been pushing me publish something soon (which is just Rob, he's been constantly bugging me on skype), and I've feel like the place has been getting a little to masculine for my tastes. This place seems to require my immediate attention and I promise to give it. Manly manga has already promised to give more content and following his lead (Hey aren't I the one in charge?) I pledge to have this summer one full of girlycartoons.

This summer girlycartoons will have my fullest support. More reviews, more unwarranted hype, more bad jokes, more updates, more girlycartoons. Along with all this updating all summer long there will be some new things introduced to the site. We're going to create update schedules, clean up the site, start organizing the posting. It's all going to be part of a one big season long event, and with that it is my pleasure to announce GirlySummer. More Content. More GirlyCartoons.

Things are gonna get a little bit more girly around here. I promise.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The World God Only Knows; Case by Case by Case

Runaway Spirits are so cowardly that they take over girls’ hearts and I’m not even kidding. TWGOK or The World God Only Knows are about spirits from old hell called Weiss. They enter a girls’ vacant human heart and one of the only way to get rid of them is to replace the Weiss with love.
Who are you going to call?
The Runaway Spirit Squad!!
The “Demon Academy” is a school for demons in hell. Elsea is one of the worst of these demons to graduate (not in a good way) she was assigned cleaner in hell, so she usually appears with a broom. But, that’s besides the point. She partners up the Oamegane(otaku & megane) Keima. Who promotes himself to be “The Capturing God” of the Dating Sims world but, hates almost every living thing. She ineviatably becomes on of the best member of The Runaway Spirit Squad in no less than a year.

He speaks the truth.

Elsea and Keima also learn of the existence of Goddesses when Keima is assigned to (childhood friend) Tenri when they think she has a Weiss. Tenri tells him a backstory because he didn’t remember. Goddesses are powered by love and so Diana came out and when Keima tried to enchant Tenri. They find another goddess, by chance, but they learn of this goddess a little bit too late, unfortunately Kanon gets stabbed by the evil organization Vintage.
...I can’t tell them apart
And to restore her life power up to the full extent, she needs the power of other Goddesses. Within the time limit, Keima finds a goddess.

Keima gathers the goddesses as fast as he can while Kanon was on the verge of dying. But in three and a half days Kanon was cured, Fiore was captured, and one goddess was identified. The astronomy clubs sole member Tsukiyo is a recluse but none other than Vulcan the third goddess to officially be confirmed along with Kanon (Apollo) and Tenri (Diana). But Tsukiyo has wings something that Diana does not. So, Diana fears that she can’t love so she can’t be as powerful. But, can she really be more powerful?

 and now you are caught up.
  • Chapter 139; Case by Case by Case
  • TWGOK; Written by Wakaki Tamiki
  • "Weekly Discussion"
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wait No More

"I Watch Girly Cartoons", promises you a whole new year with more posts. We might even promise you a puppy, but probably not.

"I Watch Girly Cartoons"

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bamboo Blade

Think of a sport with bamboo swords. I know what you’re thinking, “What sport possibly has a bamboo sword in it?” The answer is simple it’s Kendo. Kendo is a regular sport in Japan that is usually played in a dojo and is considered nosier than other martial arts.
Why? They had to hit the target and yell what they were trying to hit.

Does this sound even a little bit possible? Yes it does this sport is easy to learn but hard to master. Bamboo Blade starts with child-like Kojiro living in a run-down apartment with almost nothing to eat but the same terrible food every day (ramen). Shortly, Kojiro makes a “friendly” bet (to make some quick money) with an old friend who is a teacher. The bet is a kendo match between an all-girls team (consisting of five members) of their respective schools.
Free Food = Insanity

But things don’t go, umm, according to plans when an apparent kendo master,

Tamaki Kawazoe
,can beat them all but shows no interest to be in a club with other people…
The characters come alive with a wide array of personalities. Ranging from quiet (Tamaki), loud (Kirino), and to the seemingly innocent (Miya-Miya).
Seemingly Innocent
Wow. You’re probably asking why the characters are so “great.” Let’s look at some characters. Tamaki the main character is a master at Kendo but is a super otaku; Miya-Miya has a split-personality from nice to insane and has an insane stalker named Reimi; Saya is random usually changing her interests, goals and highly pessimistic.

This is a great manga but action tends to fill up most of it, where dialogue could fill it. Take these facts; for examples, most practices that Kojiro leads fill most of a chapter, also the “small” fact that the only part you can recognize them are when they are fighting during the matches is their eyes and occasional dialogue. But this story is full of laughs. The timing is just right too. Take Saya’s presumption of Azuma; for example.

A student that is excelling in grades and aiming to learn more different subjects, 4kids would definitely air this.

But, she isn’t a god-like student. She is a student that studies one-hundred times more than your average student. Yet she seems to fail at almost every subject possible. Because of her terrible grades she was told by her parents that to pass she needed the extra time to study and so had to quit Kendo and focus on her studies. So she put her fake glasses on and tried to do her best to impress and bring her grades up.

Ohm, did I forget to mention something? Why, yes I did. The other only negative thing that could possibly affect this from being good is that it’s not finished in Japan and y0u won’t get a GREAT ending to an awesome slice-of-life story. If you don’t look at that, you have a story that is filled with comedy and interesting characters with interesting characters. If you’re looking for a comedy pick this manga up because it won’t disappoint.
  • Written by Masahiro Totsuka, illustrated by Aguri Igarashi.
  • It lasted from December 3, 2004 to September 3,2010 with fourteen volumes
Snow Drgn

Thursday, January 27, 2011


From left to right: Oboro, Sakurako, Ageha, Hiryu, Kabuto

The story starts off with troublemaker, Yoshina Ageha , who seeks to help anyone for the price of 10,000 yen. He hears of the countless number of people who have been reported missing, one of these people is his lost childhood-friend, Sakurako Amamiya. Ageha hears his friends last word’s before she disappears, “Save me” and gets sent into the world of Psyren.

Why is the R always backwards?

The Rip Van Winkle, of his time, Ageha wakes up in the world of Psyren. Ageha finds that Psyren is a world of more questions than answers and  he shortly leaves Psyren, after finding Sakurako Amamiya. However, Ageha was exposed to the thick air on Psyren and learns how to protect himself with unique powers called PSI. But something is amiss with Psyren and Ageha goes back to investigate it.

The action follows with the suspense of the story, while showing the Character’s personalties and backstories even more. After I finished reading this I was confused why it suddenly ended, and saw that the weekly ratings had been going down recently and so the author, Iwashiro Toshiaki, was getting the axe and had to bring Psyren to a close. My opinion is that this is a definite read.
  • Psyren was serialized from 2008 and ended in 2010 with 145 Chapters.
  • The Psyren author is Iwashiro Toshiaki, who also created the manga Mieru Hito
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