Thursday, December 2, 2010

Eyeshield 21

Manly Manga is Awesome isn't it?

The manly manga above is called "Eyeshield 21." This manly manga starts off when Sena Kobayakawa first arrives at Deimon Private High School and is greeted by Hiruma, who is recruiting new members for the School's Football team at the time. Sometime after he leaves the school Sena get's forced into running an errand by a group of three bullies nicknamed the Ha-Ha Brothers and runs off through a crowd at the speed of light. Hiruma just happens to see this and forces him into the American Football Team, and eventually other characters (e.g. Ha-Ha Brothers), with his infamous Death Note... I mean Threat Notebook.

The Death Note's Not With Light.

Like almost all other sports manga out there, Sena has a unnaturally high gift for football. To protect him from getting a bunch of invites to go to other sports and schools, as well as many other reasons he joins the football team under the guise of being the manager. (One of the reasons he doesn't want people to know he's part of the team is his childhood friend Mamori. She thinks of Sena as a small child and try's to protect him everytime she can get.) But in reality Sena is the Running Back with the name of "Eyeshield 21." The story follows him as he grows into one of the Best Running Back and his team becomes one the best in Japan.

One of the many theme's in this manga is that almost all characters have some running gag throughout the story, one of the characters named Seijuro Shin has a running gag something like this....
"The heck? Never let that man near my computer"
-Stephen's first reaction to Shin

This manga is truly awesome, it has a good storyline as well as good characters. The artwork is okay. The action is also awesome as the author exaggerates the talents of the characters, for example Sena and Shin can be shown running past cars to catch a thief on a bike who stole Sena's grocery shopping bag. I would recommend this manly manga for anyone out there that likes Sports Manga or for those that want to try something new, but there could be better manga out for people who doesn't like American Football or like a more plot driven story.
  • The Manga was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from 2002 to 2009 and lasted 333 Chapters.
Snow Drgn

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The New Guy

As of Today "I Watch Girly Cartoons" officially brings in a new member to the group and with him a new segment, MANLY MANGA.

It's Something Like That

My name (the new guy) is Rob but I will call myself Snow Drgn for the remainder of my time here. In this blog, I will review mainly these two types of mangas: more manly shonen types that I like and select manga that is currently serialized.

Snow Drgn

Friday, November 12, 2010

Of special notice: Kuragehime

I just wanna point out that Kuragehime might be the best anime this season.

Thats all.

Once I'm back up to date with all the anime I've not watched for this season I'll do a midseason review. That will also be the point in which I decide if there will be anything I drop. Not that I want to drop anything but I'm spending to much time trying to catch up and therefore never feel like I'm ready to post an update.

Friday, October 22, 2010


So I know what your thinking. Something like "I'M FREAKING OUT MAN! THERE IS STRANGE JAPANESE MUSIC PLAYING EVERYTIME I VISIT GIRLYCARTOONS!" right? Well you should relax, you're not crazy (I Am). I've added a playlist of (what I think are) the BEST OPENING SONGS EVER (and by that I mean of the Fall 2010 season) to the site. Why? So you can all suffer... err I'm writing a update on the Opening songs. Yeah go with that one...

So my top 6 (because there were only 6 that stood out to me this season) favorite OP of the season

(sorry no pictures today, I spend all the time I would be finding images on getting that music player to work)

6. Ring My Bell-male version- (Sora no Otoshimono Forte)
Hey I've heard this song before. That's because it's the same opening as the first season of Sora no Otoshimono, but it's extra special. It's sung by the most manliest man ever's grandkid Tomoki. So why is one of the best OP ever ranked 6th? Well it's not really the OP to Forte, it's only for Episode 1 as a call back to season 1. The real OP doesn't come anywhere near as cool as this one and kind of stinks. But It was one of the greatest things I've ever seen with my own two eyes and must give it credit for making me (very literally) choke on my own laughter when I saw it the first time.

5. COSMOS VS ALIEN (Arakawa under the Bridge x Bridge)
Now let me tell you I love it when OP songs go for originality. COSMOS VS ALIEN is one of those songs (but at the same time isn't) The the song is creative and fun, and it fits perfectly in with Arakawa's humor. So why is it in the 5 spot? Well it has a problem similar to Ring my Bell-male version-, it's beaten by seasons past. Arakawa's first season had one of my favorite OP songs and this song tried to beat it with the same gimmick (nonsensical lyrics to fun music). With such grand shoes to fill it just ends up sounding like a copy. Don't get me wrong, it's a great song, it's just a little too similar to last season's OP and feels a little copied.

4. Theme for Panty & Stocking (Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt)
Hey it's the OP for the MOST HYPED ANIME EVER. Seriously, I never got the deal with this one, but that's for another update. This is about the OP, and it's a pretty good OP. Now the OP is shorter than the standard one and a half minutes that just about every anime uses and is very reminiscent of American Saturday morning cartoons.(I'll get more on this issue latter). But in the shortened time it still has enough spunk to stand out among it's peers. Quick and to the point Panty Stocking get's 4th.

3. Gravity Zero (Star Driver)
STARDRIVER! Damn I want to talk about the show, It's pilot episode stole my heart. But let's look at the song. Now it's kind of in an awkward spot winning my 3rd pick. That's because It's not anything super special awesome, It's just a good song. So how did it get third? Everything else sucks or has a fatal flaw (not the really OP, copied, supah short). But none the less it's got some nice beats going on. I love a song that makes you want to get up on your feet (or for us civil people slightly nod to the beat) and this song does that. So good work BONES, you made me use muscles I normally never use.

2. God Only Knows (The World God only Knows)
TWGOK has given us a pretty neat song. First it's all techno love song then BAM it's all GOD ONLY KNOWS. It's gimmicky but It's awesome. And the whole song is in English (or more of an engrish) and that always helps gain my favor. There's not much to say that the song doesn't do on it's own. It's a fantastic song and I really do love it.

1. DOWNTOWN (Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru)
Well we're here in the finale, Pick number 1. DOWNTOWN. Hell of a good song. It's got jazzy notes (influenced by modern J-pop) and addictive lyrics that blend so well I had to put up top. Plus we should all be familiar with Tony Hatch's song Downtown that is very clearly the inspiration for DOWNTOWN (Yes the song is supposed to be fully capitalized, Sakamoto Maaya the artist wanted to feel special). So give it a listen and see if it takes your top pick as well.

That's all for my OP list. Those were all the songs that stood out to me. If you thought one of the other songs should be up there let me know (so I can laugh at your bad taste.) I'll try to put up a ED list later. (and a review of all the Episode 1s I've watched.) Till then (assuming I ever stop being lazy).

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Hype List: Star Driver

Who updates things on the internet?

I've been quite busy since I promised the hype list to all you. Personally I blame Magic the Gathering and it's stupid new set (I went 3-2 at the prerelease, platinum emperion was nice), but that aside I haven't updated in over two weeks. Thus all this weekend I will be posting the hype list until I either pass out or finish. (It's a race!)

Up first is Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto. A story about a boy and his cyberbuddy. Well that's not all there is to it, but I get to that. First que Trailer.

So our main character, Takuto Tsunashi, decided to take a swim and washed up on Southern Cross Island. I don't know how far away that is from the main land, but he pulled it off in one piece.

Is that you Phelps?
Now what do he does after this? He enrolls in school like any good boy. So now he's a member Southern Cross Island senior class and apparently he makes friends (He swam across the ocean for friendship, 4kids would be proud.) But that would make for a shitty slice of life and I know you saw that robot in trailer.

Look side characters!

I'm getting to the Robot. Hold on.
So there is a BIG EVIL SECRET at Southen Cross Island. 20 Robots (called cybuddies)are sleeping under the school! Wait wut? Mabie it's robot nap time? What ever the reason, GIANT ROBOTS ARE UNDER THE SCHOOL DON"T TELL ANYONE! (screw that let's go tell MC) But wait there's more to this BIG EVIL SECRET, an EVIL COUNCIL OF NAUGHTY THINGS, called the Kirahoshi Juujidan wants to do naughty things with the robots. $10 says our man Takuto Tsunashi is going to be doing robot fightan to save the world.

Mabie they're going for a swim?
Still not enticed by this show? Then let's talk meta. Star Driver is going to be produced in one of my favorite studios BONES. If you don't know who BONES is then let me remind you. Fullmetal Alchemist and FMA: Brotherhood, Darker than Black, Eureka Seven, Heroman, Ouran High School Host Club, RahXephon, Wolf's Rain, and Xam'd: Lost Memories to name a few of BONES' works. In addition, Enokido Yoji is our script (Revolutionary Girl Utena, FLCL, Gunbuster 2: Diebuster) and Takuya Igarashi is the Director (Soul Eater, Ouran Host Club).

So the question is will I be watching Star Driver? YES
Should you watch Star Driver? If you like anything BONES has done then you really should.
Star Driver Airs Sunday OCT. 3

ALSO: that robot is Fabulous!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Hype List: TWGOK

Well seeing as I decided I didn't want to review any anime currently airing (I don't want to start half-way in), I going to present to all my fans (where did they all come from?) all the stuff that's coming out next season. Therefore until new stuff comes out I will be releasing a series of posts called the Hype List. This is Chartfag's ( check him out) image list and will be used as our textbook so to speak.

TWGOK (The World God Only Knows)


TWGOK is about god, well not really. Keima Katsuragi likes video games. He especially likes galge games (anime dating simulators). He likes then so much he plays them non-stop, to the point where he can predict the games themselves. Due to his amazing ability (well perhaps not that amazing) he claims to be a capturing god and can capture any girl on any game.

He's only this cool 10% of time
 Now someone in hell found out about his ability to capture any girl and seeks to obtain his services. Unfortunately that someone is a little clueless and didn't realize he only works in the video game world. Meet Elsea de Lute Irma or Elsee.

Meet her!
(Actual competence shown)
 Now why does a citizen of hell need to capture girls? They have bad spirits inside them of course! (what were you thinking?) And how does one get the bad things out of the good girls? LOVE duh Now Keima must help Elsee capture evil bad spirits by making the girls they hide in fall in love with him. (that's how the ghostbusters did it... right?) This is the world god only knows and it's sure full of headaches.

I wonder if he cracked his psp?
Now let's look at the meta for this anime. First the manga. Good manga. It's written by Wakaki Tamiki who hasn't done much else worth mention, but the manga is up to 112 chapters and is still going strong. It's serialized in Weekly Sh┼Źnen Sunday, along side Hayate the combat butler and Case Closed. I personally love the manga and have been following it since 2008.
Now the studio, Manglobe. Let's see some of what manglobe has made...Samurai Champloo, Ergo Proxy, The Sacred Blacksmith, and House of Five Leaves. All very good animations. I've always liked what this studio has put out and hope they keep the standard just as high when making this.

So will I be watching The World God Only Knows? Yes.
Should you be watching it? I recommend it.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Me and My shows

So I think that the first point of contact for this engagement of mine should be the list of everything I am keeping track of and watching. Here we go-
Amamagi SS
Legend of the Legendary Heroes
Kuroshitsuji 2
Shukufuku no Campanella
Highschool of the Dead
Occult Academy
Nurarahyon no Mago
Strike Witches 2
Asobi ni Iko Yo
Kaichou wa Maid-sama
Heartcatch precure

It's a pretty nice list if I say so myself.

Now For PART TWO, the part where I talk about the shows themselves. Since this is the middle of the season and I'm new to this, I'll try to keep things simple. So without further ado I give you K-on!!

K-on!! the sequel to K-on! (one has on extra ! aren't they creative) is show of mixed love and hate for me. I remember watching the first episode and thinking "this is going to be great." Oh how my opinion has changed. As the episode dragged on getting progressively worse my thoughts changed to "This show needs to hurry up, I have 4 more shows to watch on the que." (I refer to the list of unwatched shows on my drive as my anime que [it's always full]) The silly comedy in a slice of life show such as this has normally appealed to sensitive side of me, but for some reason K-on doesn't do it the way Azumanga and like did. Perhaps it's just to late in the Moe~ girls life genre to hold appeal. Perhaps its the fact I expected more music is show about a band. Perhaps it's the characters or the premise that doesn't hold its weight. Personaly I think it's lack of males. All in all I don't K-on has much to redeem itself after the first few episodes. Watch half the first season and stop there; you'll have seen all there is to see.

The Beginning!

Welcome to the beginning of my own personal adventure into the world of anime. This blog ( will be my journal of adventure through the world of seasonal anime. That's right, I'll only be talking about anime that is airing right now in Japan. Each week I will give my impression of every show I can get my hands on (that doesn't put me to sleep). Although I have been a long time fan of anime, this will be the first time I attempt to add any commentary toward the medium. With this I bid you welcome to my exciting adventures and hope you enjoy my personal opinions of the genre's of exciting anime.

For anyone interested this is a profile of the works that I have seen. There are a large number of works missing from the list (especially in the manga department), mostly because I forgot I saw them.