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So I know what your thinking. Something like "I'M FREAKING OUT MAN! THERE IS STRANGE JAPANESE MUSIC PLAYING EVERYTIME I VISIT GIRLYCARTOONS!" right? Well you should relax, you're not crazy (I Am). I've added a playlist of (what I think are) the BEST OPENING SONGS EVER (and by that I mean of the Fall 2010 season) to the site. Why? So you can all suffer... err I'm writing a update on the Opening songs. Yeah go with that one...

So my top 6 (because there were only 6 that stood out to me this season) favorite OP of the season

(sorry no pictures today, I spend all the time I would be finding images on getting that music player to work)

6. Ring My Bell-male version- (Sora no Otoshimono Forte)
Hey I've heard this song before. That's because it's the same opening as the first season of Sora no Otoshimono, but it's extra special. It's sung by the most manliest man ever's grandkid Tomoki. So why is one of the best OP ever ranked 6th? Well it's not really the OP to Forte, it's only for Episode 1 as a call back to season 1. The real OP doesn't come anywhere near as cool as this one and kind of stinks. But It was one of the greatest things I've ever seen with my own two eyes and must give it credit for making me (very literally) choke on my own laughter when I saw it the first time.

5. COSMOS VS ALIEN (Arakawa under the Bridge x Bridge)
Now let me tell you I love it when OP songs go for originality. COSMOS VS ALIEN is one of those songs (but at the same time isn't) The the song is creative and fun, and it fits perfectly in with Arakawa's humor. So why is it in the 5 spot? Well it has a problem similar to Ring my Bell-male version-, it's beaten by seasons past. Arakawa's first season had one of my favorite OP songs and this song tried to beat it with the same gimmick (nonsensical lyrics to fun music). With such grand shoes to fill it just ends up sounding like a copy. Don't get me wrong, it's a great song, it's just a little too similar to last season's OP and feels a little copied.

4. Theme for Panty & Stocking (Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt)
Hey it's the OP for the MOST HYPED ANIME EVER. Seriously, I never got the deal with this one, but that's for another update. This is about the OP, and it's a pretty good OP. Now the OP is shorter than the standard one and a half minutes that just about every anime uses and is very reminiscent of American Saturday morning cartoons.(I'll get more on this issue latter). But in the shortened time it still has enough spunk to stand out among it's peers. Quick and to the point Panty Stocking get's 4th.

3. Gravity Zero (Star Driver)
STARDRIVER! Damn I want to talk about the show, It's pilot episode stole my heart. But let's look at the song. Now it's kind of in an awkward spot winning my 3rd pick. That's because It's not anything super special awesome, It's just a good song. So how did it get third? Everything else sucks or has a fatal flaw (not the really OP, copied, supah short). But none the less it's got some nice beats going on. I love a song that makes you want to get up on your feet (or for us civil people slightly nod to the beat) and this song does that. So good work BONES, you made me use muscles I normally never use.

2. God Only Knows (The World God only Knows)
TWGOK has given us a pretty neat song. First it's all techno love song then BAM it's all GOD ONLY KNOWS. It's gimmicky but It's awesome. And the whole song is in English (or more of an engrish) and that always helps gain my favor. There's not much to say that the song doesn't do on it's own. It's a fantastic song and I really do love it.

1. DOWNTOWN (Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru)
Well we're here in the finale, Pick number 1. DOWNTOWN. Hell of a good song. It's got jazzy notes (influenced by modern J-pop) and addictive lyrics that blend so well I had to put up top. Plus we should all be familiar with Tony Hatch's song Downtown that is very clearly the inspiration for DOWNTOWN (Yes the song is supposed to be fully capitalized, Sakamoto Maaya the artist wanted to feel special). So give it a listen and see if it takes your top pick as well.

That's all for my OP list. Those were all the songs that stood out to me. If you thought one of the other songs should be up there let me know (so I can laugh at your bad taste.) I'll try to put up a ED list later. (and a review of all the Episode 1s I've watched.) Till then (assuming I ever stop being lazy).

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