Thursday, December 2, 2010

Eyeshield 21

Manly Manga is Awesome isn't it?

The manly manga above is called "Eyeshield 21." This manly manga starts off when Sena Kobayakawa first arrives at Deimon Private High School and is greeted by Hiruma, who is recruiting new members for the School's Football team at the time. Sometime after he leaves the school Sena get's forced into running an errand by a group of three bullies nicknamed the Ha-Ha Brothers and runs off through a crowd at the speed of light. Hiruma just happens to see this and forces him into the American Football Team, and eventually other characters (e.g. Ha-Ha Brothers), with his infamous Death Note... I mean Threat Notebook.

The Death Note's Not With Light.

Like almost all other sports manga out there, Sena has a unnaturally high gift for football. To protect him from getting a bunch of invites to go to other sports and schools, as well as many other reasons he joins the football team under the guise of being the manager. (One of the reasons he doesn't want people to know he's part of the team is his childhood friend Mamori. She thinks of Sena as a small child and try's to protect him everytime she can get.) But in reality Sena is the Running Back with the name of "Eyeshield 21." The story follows him as he grows into one of the Best Running Back and his team becomes one the best in Japan.

One of the many theme's in this manga is that almost all characters have some running gag throughout the story, one of the characters named Seijuro Shin has a running gag something like this....
"The heck? Never let that man near my computer"
-Stephen's first reaction to Shin

This manga is truly awesome, it has a good storyline as well as good characters. The artwork is okay. The action is also awesome as the author exaggerates the talents of the characters, for example Sena and Shin can be shown running past cars to catch a thief on a bike who stole Sena's grocery shopping bag. I would recommend this manly manga for anyone out there that likes Sports Manga or for those that want to try something new, but there could be better manga out for people who doesn't like American Football or like a more plot driven story.
  • The Manga was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from 2002 to 2009 and lasted 333 Chapters.
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