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From left to right: Oboro, Sakurako, Ageha, Hiryu, Kabuto

The story starts off with troublemaker, Yoshina Ageha , who seeks to help anyone for the price of 10,000 yen. He hears of the countless number of people who have been reported missing, one of these people is his lost childhood-friend, Sakurako Amamiya. Ageha hears his friends last word’s before she disappears, “Save me” and gets sent into the world of Psyren.

Why is the R always backwards?

The Rip Van Winkle, of his time, Ageha wakes up in the world of Psyren. Ageha finds that Psyren is a world of more questions than answers and  he shortly leaves Psyren, after finding Sakurako Amamiya. However, Ageha was exposed to the thick air on Psyren and learns how to protect himself with unique powers called PSI. But something is amiss with Psyren and Ageha goes back to investigate it.

The action follows with the suspense of the story, while showing the Character’s personalties and backstories even more. After I finished reading this I was confused why it suddenly ended, and saw that the weekly ratings had been going down recently and so the author, Iwashiro Toshiaki, was getting the axe and had to bring Psyren to a close. My opinion is that this is a definite read.
  • Psyren was serialized from 2008 and ended in 2010 with 145 Chapters.
  • The Psyren author is Iwashiro Toshiaki, who also created the manga Mieru Hito
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