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The World God Only Knows; Case by Case by Case

Runaway Spirits are so cowardly that they take over girls’ hearts and I’m not even kidding. TWGOK or The World God Only Knows are about spirits from old hell called Weiss. They enter a girls’ vacant human heart and one of the only way to get rid of them is to replace the Weiss with love.
Who are you going to call?
The Runaway Spirit Squad!!
The “Demon Academy” is a school for demons in hell. Elsea is one of the worst of these demons to graduate (not in a good way) she was assigned cleaner in hell, so she usually appears with a broom. But, that’s besides the point. She partners up the Oamegane(otaku & megane) Keima. Who promotes himself to be “The Capturing God” of the Dating Sims world but, hates almost every living thing. She ineviatably becomes on of the best member of The Runaway Spirit Squad in no less than a year.

He speaks the truth.

Elsea and Keima also learn of the existence of Goddesses when Keima is assigned to (childhood friend) Tenri when they think she has a Weiss. Tenri tells him a backstory because he didn’t remember. Goddesses are powered by love and so Diana came out and when Keima tried to enchant Tenri. They find another goddess, by chance, but they learn of this goddess a little bit too late, unfortunately Kanon gets stabbed by the evil organization Vintage.
...I can’t tell them apart
And to restore her life power up to the full extent, she needs the power of other Goddesses. Within the time limit, Keima finds a goddess.

Keima gathers the goddesses as fast as he can while Kanon was on the verge of dying. But in three and a half days Kanon was cured, Fiore was captured, and one goddess was identified. The astronomy clubs sole member Tsukiyo is a recluse but none other than Vulcan the third goddess to officially be confirmed along with Kanon (Apollo) and Tenri (Diana). But Tsukiyo has wings something that Diana does not. So, Diana fears that she can’t love so she can’t be as powerful. But, can she really be more powerful?

 and now you are caught up.
  • Chapter 139; Case by Case by Case
  • TWGOK; Written by Wakaki Tamiki
  • "Weekly Discussion"
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