Monday, May 2, 2011

Why hello there

Alot of people have been wondering whether or not I still existed these past few couple of months. Well I offer this explanation.

Over 9000 hours in MS paint
But irregardless of bad science projects, it's been a while guys. I promise I haven't forgotten this place. I've got a bunch of half finished drafts of stuff I wanted to post. The last two seasons have been a big game of catch up for me. Every time I thought I was up to date and started writing I would fall behind again from college or something almost instantly.

If that wasn't enough, the entire manly manga division has been pushing me publish something soon (which is just Rob, he's been constantly bugging me on skype), and I've feel like the place has been getting a little to masculine for my tastes. This place seems to require my immediate attention and I promise to give it. Manly manga has already promised to give more content and following his lead (Hey aren't I the one in charge?) I pledge to have this summer one full of girlycartoons.

This summer girlycartoons will have my fullest support. More reviews, more unwarranted hype, more bad jokes, more updates, more girlycartoons. Along with all this updating all summer long there will be some new things introduced to the site. We're going to create update schedules, clean up the site, start organizing the posting. It's all going to be part of a one big season long event, and with that it is my pleasure to announce GirlySummer. More Content. More GirlyCartoons.

Things are gonna get a little bit more girly around here. I promise.

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