Friday, July 15, 2011

TWGOK; Minerva Confirmed

Hey guys just a short update on the series,

Synopsis: The World God Only Knows is a world Keima “The Capturing God” only knows. He is an alliance of hell, that had appeared to him in the form of Elsie. Keima had agreed to a contract, although unwillingly, to capture the Weiss, runaway spirits. To capture these, Keima pushed them out by filling the gap with love and since the hosts lose these memories of him, only Keima “The Capturing God” only knows of such a world.

Five of the seven goddesses were revealed in recent chapters. But in chapter 150 of The World God Only Knows, appears a new goddess. She is unique and maybe the most powerful. She has grown wings and as well as appear separate from the host, as in no mirrors or take over the body appear.

  • Mangaka: Wakaki Tamaki
  • Arc/Chapter Discussion
  • Currently: 149 Chapters

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