Saturday, July 2, 2011

The scedule we said we were gonna post but forgot about.

We update every week on Friday and the first of the month on Sunday with exceptions for special content.
Stephen's Schedule Content
Episode Reviews: Reports on the highlights of the week of the shows I'll keep track of.
Seasonal (new anime is a seasonal thing so expect at least one of these every season):
Hype Lists: I'll introduce the anime of the season.
Theme Song Review: I talk about and rate my favorite theme songs of the season.
Snow Drgn's Schedule Content
Manga Review: I’ll review a manga.
Chapter Review: I’ll discuss some of the manga I am following.

Both Schedule Content
No guaranteed schedule but they'll happen every now and then:

Specials: Little tidbits of fun stuff from both of the authors.
Requests: If you want anything. We'll maybe do it

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