Sunday, August 7, 2011

Watashi No Messiah-Sama

A book and a letter changed his entire life.

The Frail Anti-Social Sakaki becomes a great invincible Messiah once he gets a love letter from Haruna. Haruna, a girl from Celesita who Sakaki has never heard of, tells him in her letter to meet her on the school roof. She gives him a The Guide To Salvation, that'll help save a world torn by evil, Celestia.

The pacing is slow and wording is strong it cuts on part of the Action but, it shows how well the characters develop throughout it. The Art is probably not the best but it is good nevertheless. The Antagonists are the Emperor and his henchman, that help them achieve his ultimate goal, Destory Celestia.

The wording can be strong at time and cuts on part of the action but its wording shows how well the characters develop throughout the story.

The Antagonists is the Emperor and his team: The Shield of the Emperor; The Sword of the Emperor; The Wings of the Emperor; and the Thunder of the Emperor. Likewise, the Messiah also has his own team: The Shield of the Messiah; The Sword of the Messiah; The Wings of the Messiah; and the Thunder of the Messiah. These are all the characters, not including Earth Government and the comic relief.

Pictured= The Evil Princess of Ruin
All in all, it is a good read but it is short and it lacks Action because of its strong writing. Also it has monsters in it, monsters are cool.
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Harem, Shounen, Supernatural,
  • Volumes: 13 / Chapters: 34
  • Mangaka: Minazuki Suu
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