Friday, August 19, 2011

Witch Hunter: First Thoughts

The Witches declared war on humans, and we happen to be really unprepared. Two-thirds fell to their rule. So, the surviving countries formed the organization of Witch Hunters.

After some time, people started to notice their weaknesses the witches only have a limited amout of magic. And this magic is in their hat.

Like this but more evil.
The Witches Hat contains the mana (magic power) necessary to use magic, and if this power runs out. Their original personality returns. So those who were possessed this power will return back to normal.

Witch Hunter follows Tasha Godspell, a Witch Hunter whose nickname is "The Magic Marksman", and his Supporter, Halloween, a jack-o-lantern with an attitude and he also wields two swords named Yin and Yang, on his journey to find his master and father's killer.

It is good so far, but each chapter is long with a good amount of writing. I'll update this, as soon as I finish.

  • Author/Artist: Cho Jung-man
  • Genre: Action; Adventure; Comedy; Fantasy; Shounen; Supernatural
  • Original Run: 2006-Present
  • 11 Volumes/ 58 Chapters
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