Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Feedback Time

Sup guys.
How's your spring been? (but it's summer not spring!) Not in the anime world! Summer doesn't start till the first show of summer season starts (which is the end of june).  So while we wait for summer to start, let's have a chat about what you people want to see.

I'm constantly trying to brainstorm new idea's for what to do to make you people love me. However, it's very easy to come up with ideas and hard to actually execute them all. So I'm letting the people decide what they want to see from me.

(Please note that some of these I do already but what feedback on)

Hype Lists: I let you know what stuff I'm excited for in the future
Episode Reviews: I follow a anime throughout a season and talk about it every new episode
Theme Song Review: I talk about and rate my favorite theme songs of the season
Older Anime Review: For the stuff that's not currently airing
State of the Industry: I'll let you guys know if anything happens in Japan that effects the anime Industry
Crossovers with Manly Manga: The two departments discuss a work together

I also would love to hear ideas from you guys so please comment for me so I can see what you want.


  1. Well it's actually the start of winter where I am, but even that is warm!
    I don't know much about anime I'm afraid but I do like it, the stuff here looks pretty good.

  2. Do you watch exclusively anime or have you ever watched western? I would recommend Powerpuff Girls or for anime Eden of the East. Another interesting one was Umineko No Naku Koro ni.

  3. Anime is one way I will try to get by the heat this summer. Hate the heat.

  4. But it's summer, not spring! Hahaha, didn't knew that :) I would LOVE to see mixed old and new anime reviews, what do you say? :D thank u for sharing!