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TWGOK; Yui Arc

Sorry, that I haven’t been posting weekly reviews about TWGOK. But, in my absence a new arc has arised.

To sum it up The World God Only Knows or TWGOK is about the Capturing God, Keima Katsurgi. He was recruited with Elsie to capture ghosts who hide in girls hearts and the only way, they thought, to get rid of them is by love. They quickly rise to the top with Keima leading clumsy Elsie. My previous post about TWGOK was about the seven goddesses and the evil organization, Vintage and how Diana was mad about her sister Vulcan being more powerful then she is. Then she suddenly got her wings and became more powerful than her. (My previous post explains much more in detail.)

Keima, in the new arc, is not rushed but is now more cautious because Vintage is still lurking. He looks for a new potential goddess and soon finds one.

She is unusually forward and is a tomboy who likes Keima but liking Keima is weird (he is otaku plus a megane) so he investigates. The tomboy is named Yui and we find out that Yui doesn’t even know the existence of Goddesses.

But as I said, she is unusally forward. So Keima decides to take a different approach.
...He's to good
Yes, Keima decides the he’ll dress up as a girl to earn more attention from Yui. As I said Yui knows nothing of the Goddesses. At least for a little while. She goes on a date with Keima at a Carnival.

And she meets Goddess Mars, “A warrior who punishes evil”. Mars is the fourth Goddess revealed following Vulcan, Apollo and Diana. She is shown that she has never been in love because she is always on the frontlines of the battlefield. She is shown that she has the same power as Tenri/Diana that she can switch back-and-forth but nothing else has been revealed as of yet.

Can Goddess Mars be more powerful than the other goddesses?

Extra Comments
It seems that Stephen’s prediction of TWGOK becoming a good anime is correct. It is currently leading into its second season of its anime and the manga is doing great.

Also, Girly Cartoons have announced that we are doing more updates to the site. Like fixing it up with a new color scheme and re-adding our music player. But more mainly more posts. Here is a more detailed version of it.

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