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TWGOK; The Third Way to Approach a Romantic Encounter

Season 2 Opening (English)

TWGOK (The World God Only Knows) is about the God of Galge Video Games, Keima Katsuragi. Keima is an otaku nicknamed otamegane by friends and The Capturing God by the video game community. Elsea needs to capture Weiss, a runaway spirit from old hell, and she sees his nickname and sends a letter through his famous pfp. He misinterprets the letter as a challenge and when Elsea tells him the truth, he is reluctant to accept. But he can’t say no, for if he does his head will come off.

Each Conquest is composed of Keima finding a girl with a Weiss and making her fall in love (with a kiss). After each conquest these girls forget all that they had to do with Keima. But those who remember are called Goddesses who are powered by love. The Goddesses (Jupiter Sisters) were thought to have been gone during the battle of old hell. Where they sealed all the Weiss but the Weiss had got out which meant they did too. Vintage exploits this, they want old hell back and they want to destroy the Goddesses as they have the power to seal it back up. They’re seven goddesses but only four have been discovered.

Shiori, is a shy librarian who is working on a draft of a book. Keima got closer to her by reading the drafts of the books and adding some parts and consequently making a promise that he’ll read the next ones. But, he forgot in the Yui Arc and well… Shiori saw Keima up to his weird antics. She does love him but she thinks of him as something strange.
he has... SHARP TEETH!!!
She describe’s Keima as a “Thing” that is… well... How else can I say it?

Well, as I said he hasn’t kept his promise.  She thinks about him as the thing that saved her while being confined in a library and during that she remembers her kiss… her first kiss… She then sees a child in the library who is reading a book, is this her Goddess? She runs off to search for the girl but doesn’t find her. So she goes and looks for Keima, who says hey next to her at a  desk. How will he explain his mistake?

Extra Comments
GirlySummer is getting closer and closer by the minute. Stephen will introduce the new schedule and content we’ll be posting. Your reaction to GirlySummer? Well, it’s described perfectly in this picture (from Hayate the Combat Butler).
In relation to talking about TWGOK, I'll also be talking about Hayate the Combat Butler.
  • Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen
  • Mangaka: Wakaki Tamiki
  • Currently: 144 Chapters
  • Chapter/Arc Review

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