Sunday, June 12, 2011

Spice and Wolf

[Pictured] Horo, Nana

Its about the merchant Craft Lawrence and the reincarnated Harvest Goddess Fox, Horo. She has protected the wheat for centuries but the townspeople no acknowledge Horo for they do not believe in such Fairy Tales. They give her menial sacrifices and have a festival in her honor but other than that Horo is lonely. She decides to go to the north, to her home. Craft Lawerence is traveling nearby when Horo uses her power (of traveling to the nearest wheat source) to go there and make a contract with Lawrence to travel up north. He comes to own a contract with the Milone Company and is soon quickly sought after (to be destroyed and Horo captured) by the Medio Company and the Church. If Horo is captured he’ll be burned at the stake for dealing with demons.

I know that it has not reach the end but I want to read more.
En Route To Journey (Spice and Wolf Opening Season 1)
  • Artist: Koume Keito/Author: Hasekure Isuna
  • Genre: Adventure; Fantasy; Romance; Slice of Life/Demographic: Seinen
  • Volumes: 6/Original Run: November 2007 - ongoin
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  1. This is cute enough that I have no choice but to look into it.